But it seems to me that the picture
didn't let me go.
The girl in the picture
has become asymbol of hope.

The Mission

Providing hope for children in need


Kim Phuc Phan Thi is known around the world as “The Girl in the Picture” and the “Napalm Girl.” In 1972, at age 9, she was immortalized in a Pulitzer Prize-winning photograph that transformed her into a living symbol of the atrocities of war. Kim is a UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador and the founder of The KIM Foundation International. She tells her story in her autobiography, Fire Road.

Fire Road
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About the Foundation

The KIM Foundation International exists to help heal the wounds suffered by innocent children and to restore hope and happiness to their lives.

Kim suffered many years of painful burn therapy, and she always longed to reach out and help other children who were victimized by war. For over 20 years The KIM Foundation International has been the embodiment of Kim’s dream and has been dedicated to providing funds to support the work of international organizations that offer free medical, living, and educational assistance to child-victims of war, violence, and deprivation.

Kim’s incredible strength and spirit are evident when she speaks around the world about forgiveness and helping children. The KIM Foundation International may have been inspired by her pain, but its focus is on world peace and healing.