Music CD:
The Girl in the Picture

The Belgian musician Eric Geurts was deeply impressed by story of Kim Phuc. She was the young screaming Vietnamese girl running naked after a napalm attack in the famous black and white picture that iconized the horrible Vietnam war. He found out that she was now an adult woman leading a peace foundation in Canada.

After reading Denise Chong’s biography about the life of Kim, Eric decided to dedicate a song to Kim Phuc. That is how “The Girl in the Picture” was born.

“The Girl in the Picture” was written and produced by Eric. A difficult song to write, it captures the painful events of Kim’s past with her remarkable strength emerging out of a desire to heal and forgive. Yanah sang the song and forty children aged 6 to 14 belonging to the Mozaiek choir participated in the recording. A string quartet arrangement was added as the final touch to the piano song.

The single CD is released on the Flying Snowman Records label. All profits of the song were and are still given to The KIM Foundation International.
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