Emmanuel Orphanage

Status: Active

Country: India

Start: 2016

To provide ongoing financial supports to care for the orphans

Emmanuel Orphanage cares for 80 residents in Kochi (Cochin), Kerala, India. Kim’s role is to raise funds through The KIM Foundation International to help meet the living, health-care, and educational needs for these children as they arise.


December 2022

March 2022
The boys home is 90% complete.

December 2021
The boys home is 75% complete.

September 2021
The boys home is 50% complete.

June 2021
The boys home and office construction work is 25% complete.

March 2021
Emmanuel Orphanage was instructed by the government to construct a boys home for about 20 boys, age 10 to 18, currently living in the school. They have begun construction.

October 2018
Kim, Toan, and Vernon visited Emmanuel Orphanage.

December 2017