Prayer Palace Christian Education Center

Status: Complete

Country: Uganda

Start: 2005


To build safe, secure facilities for dormitories, classrooms and shops and to develop mentoring relationships and provide counseling in a stable environment


The KIM Foundation is working with High Adventure Gospel Communication Ministries (HAGCM) to carry out this project in Kampala, Uganda.

Context: Uganda currently has over 2 million orphans, expected to have 3.5 million in 2010. Unless cared for or mentored, they are in danger medically (malnutrition, malaria, tuberculosis), physically (abductions, child fighters, sex-slaves, rape), socially (generational behavior, no-education or vocational skills, and spiritually (living in darkness).

Assistance: Build a Central Orphanage to house 150 girls, 150 boys. Education and Food Services for 640 students. Food and Vocational programs. Establish local business.

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