Pregnancy Care Centre

Status: Complete

Country: Uganda

Start: 2015


To build pre- and post-natal health care facilities and develop various new and existing utilities

The KIM Foundation is working with High Adventure Gospel Communication Ministries (HAGCM) to carry out this project.


  • Save and preserve vulnerable lives with pre- and post-natal health care clinic and delivery rooms
  • Provide facilities for pediatric urgent and preventative care
  • Develop from scratch, various sources of utilities: water, solar electricity, sanitary disposal and septic systems using the latest technology suitable for primitive locations
  • Erect living quarters for six health workers and the visiting doctor
  • Build an open air covered laundry facility and equipment storage areas so patient’s families can wash their clothing and bedding while they are being treated (local customs)
  • Provide a pediatric community-wide medical facility to save lives and prevent infant mortality for the most vulnerable in this District
  • Bring sustained economic opportunities to the Amuria District by providing and protecting livelihoods of the especially vulnerable rural peoples
  • Better manage the existing natural resources through cistern building and agricultural tree husbandry on the site
  • Preserve a positive sense of the future for the village that encourages and supports long-term economic self-sufficiency, responsibility for their buildings, and community stability
  • Once the entire facility is constructed, it will be turned over to the Amuria District government to run, fund, and maintain.

Context: Village leaders unanimously requested immediate support (nurses and medicines) followed by building a larger medical facility from their government following the end of the 20-year civil Lord’s Resistance Army insurgency, but having received no favorable response due to lack of government funding, chose to make this same request to HAGCM. After emergency treatment, the largest immediate and identifiable need made by the elders was for well health maternity care including sanitary delivery. Mothers of all ages face life threatening issues due to a total lack of any pregnancy-related care. To become pregnant is for some, tantamount to a death warrant. Just recently, several young women died who attempted to ride on the back of a bicycle (sole mode of transportation) to a distant (40 KM) government medical facility.


  • Brought hope and encouragement to hundred of people living in the Ongutoi area.
  • Medical supplies and medical equipment with training for the Ongutoi Clinic, currently supported by High Adventure friends.
  • Food for a month and seeds for over 600 families within the Ongutoi Village were distributed to the community to help alleviate the painful famine and drought that wiped out crops.
  • Medical consultation for Ongutoi nursing staff on new equipment.
  • Mosquito nets were distributed to pregnant women.
  • Medical intervention for a very sick orphan baby.
  • Economical intervention for a destitute returning LRA victim and child.
  • Consultation with Village leaders with a view to bring future community support through construction of medical and security facilities.
  • Initiated security upgrades to present clinic building.
  • Visited High Adventure’s new Ongutoi Reforestation Pilot Project, suffering from the drought.