Children’s Library

Status: Active

Country: Vietnam

Start: 2019


To build a library as a learning centre for children in Vietnam


The KIM Foundation Int. is partnering financially with Children’s Library International (aka Library of Vietnam Project (LOVP)) to construct a library in Duc Tan Village, Mo Duc District, Quang Ngai Province, Vietnam. Kim will raise funds for the project via The KIM Foundation Int. and Children’s Library International will construct the library and make arrangements for its supply and maintenance.



February 2023
Construction of the library is complete. Kim, Toan, and Nick were present for the library dedication ceremony. Below are some photos of the ceremony and the children enjoying the library.


September 2022
Construction of the library has been suspended as Central Vietnam was hit by super typhoon Noru. Please pray for the safety of all affected. Construction will resume as soon as possible.

August 2022
The location of the library has been changed from Trang Bang to the village of Duc Tan in Vietnam. The groundbreaking ceremony was held onsite at Duc Tan Village on August 24, 2022. Below is an architect’s rendering of the new library, courtesy of Children’s Library International.

March 2020
Construction – planned for May 2020 – has been delayed. Due to Covid-19 travel restrictions, Children’s Library International’s team is not permitted to enter Vietnam. We will keep an eye on the situation and proceed as soon as possible.

September 2019
Kim spoke in Illinois to raise funds for the library. Thank you to all who gave.

June 2019
Kim spoke in Wisconsin to raise funds for the library. Thank you to all who gave.